Qigong Chinese Medicine

Qi Medicine & life-cultivation

Qigong Chinese Medicine (QCM) is a re-connection of classical Chinese Medicine with TaiJi Qigong. Using ancient Chinese Medical techniques, which Greg translates himself from old Japanese text, QCM addresses modern-day disease & problems.

Whereas symptoms are a yinyang imbalance inside the body, life-problems are a yinyang imbalance outside, in the world. By rebalancing the yinyang 5 elemental root cause, we can heal both. 

We deal with these imbalances, using the yinyang 5 elements, triple heater, 12 channels, 8 extraordinary spirit channels, Chinese Clock etc…

After re-balancing the heart mind body, with subtle Qi techniques, we burn the mugwort moxa herb over the body. Entering deep into organs, rice grain & cone moxa rejuvenates, making us feel younger, stronger, healthier, more focused, & naturally beautiful. 

In QCM, caring for ourselves is just as important as caring for others. Breathing, posturing & moving through the 8 extraordinary spirit channels & TaiJi form, we spiritually evolve. We cultivate our own life, as life-cultivation YangSheng practices. YangSheng evolves our intuition, sensitivity, celestial intelligence, wisdom, naturalness, love, humane-ity.


Having started his studies with TaiJi in Nanjing China & Acupuncture Meridian Therapy in Tokyo Japan over 20-yrs ago, Greg now treats & teaches Qigong Chinese Medicine.

Being able to read 2000-yr old Chinese medicine in old Japanese text, he translates classical techniques and applies them to modern-day disease in clinic & classroom.

Using these translations as a foundation, Greg has published ‘Awaken Qi  Within’, the 3rd of 3 books, which prose-poetically explains how to use these techniques in our everyday life, and in holistic Qi medicine.

After completing a degree in marketing & Japanese language in 1987, Greg set off for Japan where he lived for 7 years. It was during his last two years, that he trained with the Arai brothers in clinic, and in their Kanpo Hari (Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture) association in studygroups.

He also did a year at the Nanjing Chinese Medicine University, where he attended Chinese language classes, and privately learnt the 108 traditional TaiJi Yang form from Master Wu, before class each day.

Whilst at the Brisbane College of Natural Medicine obtaining his Australian acupuncture qualifications, Greg began training in the 108 Wu, 37 Yang & 27 TaiJi Qigong styles, with Master Bruce Yang. He continued his training with Master Yang for many years latter, whilst working in his Brisbane clinic.

After completing his studies in Japan, China & Australia in 2003, he opened a clinic in Brisbane’s inner north-eastern suburbs. Latter, he built a designer clinic on his rooftop in the north-western suburbs. There, he has been treating patients and teaching his unique style of QCM to a group of dedicated practitioners & students.

Greg also spent two years at a Thailand resort, writing his book & teaching Qigong life-cultivation YangSheng practices to healthy yoga & Qigong minded international practitioners.

Now, with his home-clinic up for sale, Greg plans to move to the Noosa hinterlands, where he intends to open a Qi Arts clinic & training centre.