Qi Arts is an inter-related group of Qi-energy practices, which include classical Chinese Medicine, Qigong & traditional TaiJi.

Collectively as one, these become the practice of Qigong Chinese Medicine (QCM).

Unlike acupuncture which inserts needles, and plant medicine which prescribes herbs, QCM does not enter the physical body.

Working outside skin, inside the electromagnetic Qi field, we lightly touch channels & hollows, which changes a person’s heart mind body condition.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a person’s heart mind body are formed by the yin yang 5 elements.

By changing the Qi field of the yinyang 5 elements, our mental, emotional & physical conditions change.

In Qigong Medicine, we apply these ancient Chinese Medical techniques, to deal with modern-day symptoms, from their root cause.

In life-cultivation Qigong practices, we focus mind & breath into these channels, to self-heal ourselves, so that we may live a long & healthy life, in a flexibly strong body, with a sharply focused mind.

Practicing the TaiJi form then empties the mind, connecting our spirit to the greater universe.

What Is Qi Arts?

Merging TaiJi Qigong, from training in China & Australia, and Channel Therapy Acupuncture from training in Japan, Greg has crafted his own style of Qi Arts.

As workshops are Qi-energy work, practitioners of all modalities are welcome to join–whether you be a therapist caring for others, or a self-practitioner caring for yourself.

Using thin blunt copper/silver/gold rods, called Teishin in Japanese, or hands or just mind-focus, we electromagnetically connect with Qi in their channels. This, light yet focused, Oi-connection instantly changes the condition of  a person’s heart, mind & body. We gauge this through the wrist pulse, and other physiological changes. A good pulse tells us our practice is working!

In Qigong self-cultivation, we breathe & posture ourselves through the Qi channels, especially through the 8 extraordinary spirit channels.

To compliment this internally focused healing work, we play TaiJi form, with an empty mind.

In acupuncture treatments (only), Greg also uses fine Japanese needles to gently ground these subtle spirit techniques into the physical body.

Qi Art Services


Learn how to connect to Qi in their channels, through the yin yang 5 elements, so as to treat others & cultivate yourself. We do this using the 12 ordinary channels, 8 extraordinary spirit channels, and the triple heater system. Learn how to direct Qi though thin blunt copper/silver rods; burn the mug-wort herb over skin; and to direct breath into channels. Learn how to diagnose with the wrist pulse and abdominal diagnosis.


In treatments, we treat your yin yang 5 elements to heal your mental, emotional & physical symptoms from their root cause. After diagnosing your symptoms into a Chinese Medicine pattern, we initially treat using thin blunt copper & silver rods. These electromagnetically pierce Qi, not physical skin. Afterwards, very fine Japanese needles are lightly inserted, and the mug-wort herb is burnt over the skin, in a very relaxing & healing session.

'Awaken Qi Within', Book

Based on author's own translations of 2000-yr old Chinese classics, 'Awaken Qi Within' prose-poetically flows through Chinese medical & Qigong principles & practices. Like yoga, these principles may be practiced to enrich your everyday life. Furthermore therapists can use this Qi-medicine, to enhance their practice. Flowing through ancient ideas in a modern-day landscape, and through colorful illustrations, these words are a delight to read over a cup of tea.

Physical Book Copies

Awaken Qi Within is also has physical copies for sale! 

Hard Cover – $70

Soft Cover – $50

Email us at qiarts@protonmail.com to order now!