Classical Chinese/Japanese Acupuncture

Having studied the 2000-yr old classical Chinese Medical arts with Japanese teachers 20-yrs ago, Greg’s needle techniques are very subtle yet powerful. Whilst the 1st part/root treatment electromagnetically connects with Qi in the ethereal field, outside of skin, the 2nd part/branch treatment penetrates skin, with fine Japanese needles. This grounds the subtle spiritual aspect of the treatment further into the physical body.

We deal with all physical, mental-emotional ailments from a Chinese Medicine perspective. By diagnosing with wrist pulse, abdominal diagnosis etc…, we put all your symptoms into a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  pattern, then treat according to TCM.

For example we treat kidney Qi emptiness, stomach Qi fullness, rebellious liver Qi, weak lung organ Qi, stagnate liver blood, weak digestive spleen etc…

After treating the root cause of the problem, we burn rice-grain mugwort moxa over skin, to nourish organ Qi. By warming organs with nourishing Qi, a patient may feel younger, more vital, calmer, stronger, healthier.