Qigong Chinese Medicine Advanced Practice​

These workshops are for practitioners of any style, who wish to delve deeper into the Qi Arts. That is, learn the intricate ways to care for others through the yinyang, 5 elements, triple heater, Chinese Clock, 8 extraordinaries, as well as care for self, through life-cultivation, YangSheng techniques.

We learn how to re-balance the yinyang 5 elemental Qi-web, which forms our heart mind body, in a 12 channel root treatment.  This allows us to deal with people’s symptoms from their root cause. 

We bring in the 8-extraordinary spirit channels, Chinese Clock & other classical TCM & Qigong techniques, to unravel people’s very complex diseases, to deal with problems in this chaotically complicated world.

We delve into the complexities of wrist pulse, and body/abdominal palpation, so that we are able to navigate through the vast terrain of a person’s heartmindbody. The pulse gives instant feedback, telling us what we are doing.

Most importantly though, we as practitioners, learn how to self-cultivate, so that we not only remain healthy, but that we thrive.

Employing the 8 extraordinary spirit channels & TaiJi form, we learn how to breathe, posture & move, with Qi-force. Transcending the heaviness of the physical form, we become lighter,  more Qi aware, more intuitive, stronger, calmer…