Qigong Chinese Medicine, basic practice

In this basic Qigong Chinese Medicine workshop, we shall study:


Basics in yin yang 5 elemental theory

The relationship between the elements and the channels & hollows

Diagnostic tools using the 5 elements – observation, pulse, abdominal diagnosis…

Basic yin yang wrist pulse

Introduction to the triple heater system

A basic root treatment

This is a very hands-on workshop, where students learn how to to connect to Qi-lifeforce in channels, with subtle touch.

We also learn how to self-practice, through 8 extraordinary spirit channels & TaiJi form. Initially, we do internally focused Qigong, whereby we breathe, posture & move through the spirit channels. Then playing the TaiJi form, we empty the mind, enabling us to connect to the greater universe.

Learn how to care for others with Chinese Qi-Medicine, and self-practice with TaiJi Qigong.

As this is subtle Qi-work, performed from outside of skin, practitioners of all modalities are welcome. Whether you be a self-practitioner of yoga, Qigong, gardening or the like; Or you are a therapist who cares for patients, this Qi-work may enrich your practice in ways that you never imagined. Come with me on a journey into a whole new internal world of Spirit-Qi.