Qigong Chinese Medicine

Qigong Treatments

Whilst classical acupuncture employs fine needles, Qigong treatments do not pierce skin at all.  Using the same Chinese Medical principles, all treatments are done from outside skin, inside the ethereal field.

Electromagnetically piercing Qi, the teishin (a thin blunt copper/silver/gold rod) changes the state of a patient’s heart mind body, to re-balance emotional, mental & physical problems. This we know, because the pulse changes too!

Qigong treatments are particularly reactive on sensitive people. Even though sensitive people easily fall sick in this rough insensitive world,  they often quickly respond to these, delicate yet powerful, techniques.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees disease as a state, where there is a deficiency of Qi in some parts of the body, and an excess blockage in other parts.  

By gently Qi-connecting with channels & hollows, we can supplement these deficiencies & move these stagnant blockages.

Qi is ethereal, subtle & very changeable. Meaning illness can be moved, with light QCM techniques. 

After a person’s Qi body has been re-balanced, we burn tiny rice grain & cone mugwort-moxa over the skin, to further nourish the body.  By nourishing deep inside organs, skin moistens, blood enriches, brain focuses, Qi circulates, making you feel more vital, youthful and calmer.